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So back in 2016 my wife and I were living in Southwest Missouri where I was born and raised. We had decided to sell our home and wondered what we should do next. We had visited some friends in Maine a couple of times and decided to move here. So now we’re in Waterville, Maine and we love it here. We have been getting out and visiting other places as much as possible to explore and learn about our new home.

I am a graphic designer and know how to build websites so I thought it would be cool to start a little online shop to offer some t-shirts, hats, etc. with my graphic style that feature Maine.

Being born in the era of Spirographs, View-Masters, Silly Putty, Pez, and Lincoln Logs I have a love for what is now called retro vintage style. You know those classic fonts and colors. The cool yellow to orange stripes and all the other things from the 70’s and 80’s. I try to incorporate that style in to the designs here in the shop.

It can’t all just be about style though. You deserve a quality product as well. So I do my best to source quality goods from reputable manufacturers and get them sent out in a timely manner.

Hope you enjoy your visit!


Jerad Stoops

At the Two Cent Bridge in Waterville, Maine.